It’s time for our last Story Time Art Lesson with Miss Jena!

We have greatly enjoyed sharing Miss Jena’s stories and art projects with our patrons this summer. Join Miss Jena as she reads the story “One Hungry Monster,” written by Susan Heyboer O’Keefe and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. Then stay tuned to learn how to make your very own fluffy monsters!

For the Fluffy Monsters project, you will need:

-washable markers
-aluminum foil
-spray bottle or damp paper towel
-watercolor paper or white cardstock
-shaving cream
-Elmer’s School Glue
-container for mixing
-spoon or popsicle stick for mixing
-spoon or paintbrush
-googly eyes, eyes drawn with Sharpie Marker or cut from magazines
-optional: glitter or sequins, yarn, tissue paper
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It’s time for another Story Time Art Lesson with Miss Jena!

Listen as our friend, Miss Jena, reads the story There’s a Dragon in Your Book, written by Tom Fletcher and Illustrated by Greg Abbott.

For the Dragon Design project, you will need:

-Watercolor paper, heavy cardstock or tag board
-Watercolor paint, food dye and water or other washable paint
-Table salt
-Spray bottle
-Paint brush
-Glue stick
-Paper for the back of the collage (not necessary if making a sculpture)

-Oil pastel or crayons

If you’ve enjoyed this story and art lesson, be sure to share it with friends and visit Miss Jena on Facebook ( and at her website at

And stay tuned for the last of Miss Jena’s Story Time Art Lessons!

It’s time for another special Story Time Art Lesson with Jena Schieb!

We are so pleased to share the second of four very special Story Time Art Lessons, facilitated by our friend, Miss Jena!

Listen as Miss Jena reads Colors, by Jenna Kurtzweil, with illustrations by David Rodriguez Lorenzo. Then stick around for an art project making Rainbow Weaves!

For this project, you will need:
-Cereal box or similar cardboard
-Paper towels
-Wooden skewer, rod or pencil
-Magic Markers, paint brush, water cup OR food dye and clear containers
-Yarn or string, cut up plastic bags or fabric
-Hole puncher or screwdriver, pen

If you’ve enjoyed Miss Jena’s lesson, be sure to visit her website at and connect with her on Facebook at Jena Schieb: Art for more fun art projects and ideas!

Introducing a very special Story Time Art Lesson with Jena Schieb!

We are so excited to invite you to a very special story time with our friend, Miss Jena! Listen as Miss Jena reads Mr. King’s Castle, by Geneviève Côté. This story teaches children about the importance of protecting our environment so that all of our friends can enjoy it! Then, stick around for a fun art project: making your own castle prints. Be sure to visit Miss Jena’s website at and connect with her on Facebook at Jena Schieb: Art for more fun art projects and ideas! 


Here are the materials you’ll need:

-Corrugated cardboard cut into shapes
-Cardboard sheet
-Paint brush
Foam stamping-
-Styrofoam plates
-Magic Markers
-Paint brush
-Water cup
Block stamping-
-Tray, plate or aluminum foil to hold paint

Summer Reading Activity Bags are Ready for Collection!

Children participating in the Pre-K and Children’s Summer Reading Programs may now collect their Summer Reading bags! Collection will follow the same rules as curbside pick up. Please call us at 814-382-6666 to arrange a time for pick up. When you arrive, please call us from your vehicle and we will place your child’s bag on top of the book return. Please remember to wear a mask when picking up your child’s bag!

A Message (and Story) from Governor Wolf

We appreciate Governor Wolf’s acknowledgement of the amazing work that public libraries perform in communities across Pennsylvania. You can listen to his message about Summer Reading Programs here, and join him for a special story time as he reads I Just Like You, written and illustrated by Suzanne Bloom and published by Boyds Mill Press.

Children’s Summer Reading Magic Show!


We are very pleased to present the virtual “Just Imagine” magic show from children’s performer Steve Haberman!

Steve is one of several performers whom we looked forward to welcoming this summer. Although we’re sad that the pandemic has put our plans on hold, we are so appreciative of Steve’s generosity, and we look forward to the time when we can welcome him back in person!

In the meantime, please enjoy — and share! — this virtual magic show!


Looking forward to our Summer Reading Program!

Dear Patrons,

While we wait for our libraries to reopen in Crawford County, we are eagerly looking forward to our annual Summer Reading Program at Margaret Shontz Memorial Library!

This year, our theme is Imagine Your Story, and we have so many fun activities and performers to fire your children’s imaginations and inspire them to dream big! As a sneak peek, you can expect to meet Jungle Terry’s exotic animals, build a coach for Cinderella out of recycled materials, and learn about the importance of bees to the sustainability of our way of life!

Check back often for updates and a list of dates and times, coming soon!


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Teen Writing Club & Bullet Journaling Workshop!

Join us on September 16th at 6PM for our first Teen Writing Workshop.

What it is: Bullet Journaling
Meet the analog method for the digital age that will help you track the past, order the present, and design your future.

Though it does require a notebook, Bullet Journal is actually a methodology. It’s best described as a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system. It’s designed to help you organize your what while you remain aware of your why. The goal of the Bullet Journal is to help its practitioners (bullet journalists) live intentional lives, ones that are productive and meaningful.

What you’ll need: a notebook and a pen

This is a great way for high school and college students to stay organized for a successful semester!